Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July Already

I can't believe that it is already the 9th of July.  The summer seems like it has hardly started and we are almost a third of the way through it.  I have been stitching up a storm for myself lately.  Now I need to do some finishing.  With that being said I just finished this stitch.

This is a Prim Sisters Club stitch by The Pinkeep called Old Flag Station.
It was stitched on 30 count cocoa with DMC threads all included in the kit.
Started 7-7-2014
Finished 7-9-2014

Here is the back of the pillow with the fabric included in the kit.
I stuffed this pillow with sawdust.  This is the first time I have used sawdust.  I will have to say that I do like it.  It is really quite light but firmly stuffed.  I usually use crushed walnut shells which I also like but depending on the size of the pillow it can get a bit heavy.
One of the challenges of using sawdust is finding it.  I went to a local lumberyard  and they gave me a bag full.  It can be hit or miss on whether they have it or not.  But I will be using it again.

Here is Threadwork Primitives Beggar's 4th.  I stitched it on 36 count coffee dyed/baked linen by myself using DMC threads.
Started 6-12-2014
Finished 6-19-2014
Should have gotten it finished before the 4th but it just didn't happen.

Primitive Stitchin--Freedom Crow stitched on 28 count hand dyed linen by myself with DMC threads.
Started 6-25-2014
Finished 6-26-2014

La D Da--My Country stitched on 32 count unknown linen with DMC threads.
Started 6-26-2014
Finished 7-2-2014

 The Pinkeep--Pledge Allegiance 1892 stitched on 32 count Dirty linen with Sampler Threads.
Started 7-2-2014
Finished 7-7-2014

This is the frame I found in my stash that I think will work for this piece.

Well there is a bit of a catch up on what I have been doing since I last posted at least stitching wise.  I have also been doing some sewing/quilting and taking care of grandkids plus trying to get to the gym 3 days a week along with walking and spending time with my hubby:)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying the weather--it is gorgeous here today!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prim Sisters Club Finish

I just finished the newest Prim Sisters Club project--NeedleWoman needle book.

Prim Sister Club--The Primitive Hare-NeedleWoman, Busy As A Bee Needle book.
This project was stitched on 30 count Old Salem with DMC threads all included in the kit.
Started 6-19-2014
Finished 6-24-2014

Here is a close up view of the inside.  I put in a pocket and a scissor strap with a snap plus a piece of wool to hold my pins and needles.
Also added a bee charm:)
 This is a view of the whole inside.  

I enjoyed this stitch and finish.
Now on to some more projects!
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A finish, a new start and a new kit....

Finished stitching my Ladies Prim Society-- Blackbird Designs--Salute to Abigail.
Not sure how I want to finish it off yet.  I may frame it.
Stay tuned.

Blackbird Designs--Salute to Abigail.
Stitched on 35/36 Mink by R & R with Thread Gatherer Silks.
Started 5-23-2014
Finished 6-11-2014

Here is my new start.  Threadwork Primitives--Beggar's 4th.
Stitching it on 36 count coffee dyed/baked fabric by me using

DMC threads.  So far a very fun stitch.

This arrived in the mail today.  It is my Prim Sisters Club kit by The Primitive Hare-- 
Needlewoman Busy as a Bee.
Can't wait to stitch this one:}

Hope everyone is having a great week.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Latest Finishes

As usual it has been quite awhile since my last post!!!
I have been busy though.  I have had some commitment stitching that I had to get done and I still have a few more things I need to get stitched but I am taking a break and doing a couple of things for myself.

First up is a Prim Sisters Club kit from Appleseed Prim.  It is called Belinda Coffin.
It was a quick stitch after some of my commitment pieces.

 Belinda Coffin--stitched on 30 count R & R French Vanilla linen with the overdyed threads included in the kit.  
Started 5-18-2014, Finished 5-24-2014.
Bonus:  this frame was in my frame stash.  Paid $2.98 for it.

Next up is BBD--In Full Glory.
Stitched on 30 count Natural linen with DMC threads.
Started 5-24-2014, Finished 5-28-2014.
Another fun and quick stitch.

 View of the back of pillow.

 View of the side of the pillow.  Hand dyed ric-rac.

Then I decided  to start BBD--A Salute to Abigail.
My progress since May 28th.  I am also enjoying this piece.

 Here is a picture of our newest grandchild.  This is Finnegan.  He is another reason I have been busy.  
He is already 3 months old.  Where does the time go???

And here is Finnegan's older brother Charlie (Tuna).  He also keeps "Nammy" busy but
they sure are fun:)  I will have to say that Grandchildren are much more fun than our own kids were!!!
So nice not to have all that responsibility as much as I loved my own!

I have so much more to post and hopefully I will be doing that real soon.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Weather here in Minnesota has been wonderful this last week
after the loooong winter.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fun mail:)

Received this fun mail today.
It's my Ladies Prim Society kit by Blackbird Designs.
Not sure when I will be starting it as I have a couple of shop models to stitch.
But I can't wait to stitch it!!!

Haven't posted for awhile but I have been quite busy stitching and quilting. 
Hopefully I will be posting about some of my projects.

 I will show this one that I stitched up.  It is a contest piece from The Primitive Hare.
You were to stitch the piece and then choose your own way to finish it.
I decided to make a needlebook. 
I feathered stitched around the design on the outside cover.
Then on the inside I made X's to form the pockets--hard to see the X's as I should have used a darker thread.  I also buttonhole stitched around the wool heart. 
I am happy with my results:)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Thanks for stopping by. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A trip to Stitchville....

Made a quick trip to my LNS today before the snow started to see all the new market goodies.

Here is what I ended up with.  I am really trying to keep my purchases to a minimum since I have a lifetime of stash already!!!!

Look at that cute little wooden scissors fob.

Snow started here about 2 PM and it is coming down!!!
Looks like we will be digging out tomorrow:(

Here's what it looks like right now.  Not much snow on my car as I was out driving in the snow and got home after it started. 
Weatherman predicting 7 to 9 inches by tomorrow. 

Have a great night.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some finishes

It has been awhile since my last post.  My laptop has been at the doctors and I just bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note and since I am learning how to use the note and don't have my laptop I haven't posted for sometime.

Now with that being said let's move on to some of the finishing I did yesterday. 

First up is a Ladies Prim Society kit from Threadwork Primitives called Victory Garden pinkeep.
I finished the stitching back in December. 

Stitched on 30 count Prim Green and Old Mill Java with overdyes provided in the kit.
Started 12-23-2013
Finished 12-26-2013

This needle roll is from the Prim Sisters club. 
This piece is from The Pinkeep Design called A Friend Loves.
It was stitched on 32 count raw linen with DMC thread.
Started 12-26-2013
Finished 12-29-2013

Here is the latest Ladies Prim Society kit.  It arrived here last week.
This kit is by Threadwork Primitives called Growing Love Stitchers wallet.
Stitched on 32 count Winter Brew with overdyes provided in the kit.
Started 2-14-2014
Finished 2-17-2014

Here is a look at the inside.
Now I took these pictures with my tablet and haven't learned how to edit the pictures so this one is on it's side!!

Well there's a quick update on some of the things I have been up to.  I have also been busy with some quilting.  Hopefully I will post about that later.

Hope everyone is having a great week.  Weather here yesterday was great--a balmy 40 degrees more of the same today but not the same story tomorrow. 
Is it spring yet?????